10 Reasons to Travel with Iceland ProCruises

June 21, 2019 - 2 minutes read

There’s only one authentic way to cruise Iceland and Greenland — with Iceland ProCruises. And here are ten reasons why:

1. Iceland ProCruises was the first Icelandic company to offer sea voyages around Iceland and Greenland and has been traveling the area since 2015.

2. The ice-reinforced hull and the relatively small size of the Ocean Diamond make an expedition-like cruise possible. Remote bays and fjords can be reached without guests having to use tender boats.

3. The small number of passengers makes it possible to quickly make contact with like-minded people, tour guides and the expedition team.

4. With a crew to guest ratio of 1:2, passengers benefit from personal, excellent service.

5. Voyages are heavily focused on the destinations via expert lecturers who share their knowledge in daily presentations.

6. Expedition teams include many Icelanders, which means that passengers can experience Iceland with real locals. Meanwhile, IPC has local partners in Greenland and uses their resources whenever possible, whether it’s authentic local food or entertaining performances and excursions.

7. Your accommodation travels with you. No need for packing and unpacking. And your cabin is always ready for you after a long day of excursions.

8. Many services aboard the Ocean Diamond are included in the overall price — like three-course dinners and onboard entertainment.

9. All cabins were completely renovated in 2018.

10. A casual dress code means that passengers can wear comfortable weatherproof clothes and be fully prepared for adventures on shore. That elegant evening dress can be left at home.

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