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“Tiny Five” Creatures of the Amazon

Published on January 23, 2019

Africa has it’s Big Five and Tiny Five of wildlife viewing, so why not the Amazon too. Or more specifically Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon. One of the largest reserves in the entire Amazon Basin protects more than a thousand…

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Read All About It: Cartoon Cruising Canada’s Northwest Passage

Published on January 20, 2019

The National Post (Canada) published a graphic novel-style travel story on cruising the Northwest Passage with Adventure Canada aboard the Ocean Endeavour. Quotable quote: “I can attest to the fact that the water in Lancaster Sound between Baffin Island and Devon Island…

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Read All About It: Kenya’s Maasai Villages

Published on January 18, 2019

Global Traveler magazine recently ran a story about visiting Maasai villages during an SkySafari by Elewana in Kenya. Quotable quote: “While the Maasai people we meet at Sand River don’t hesitate to share details about their culture when asked, we find out…

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5 Unique Experiences in Guyana that You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Published on January 17, 2019

A visit to Guyana is packed with adventure, nature and culture – all in equal and astounding measures. While the debate rages on about which country is the best when it comes to experiencing the Amazon and its wildlife, there are a…

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Win a Free Trip to Antarctica

Published on January 16, 2019 Read More

5 x 4 Special from Hotel Las Torres

Published on January 15, 2019

Enjoy the comfort of an all-inclusive stay at Hotel Las Torres for at least 4 nights and get a free night at either the Hotel Ismael (Santiago, Chile) or Hotel Xelena (El Calafate, Argentina). Valid during the month of April (2019) on…

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Mt Kilimanjaro Conquest

Published on January 15, 2019

While Cheli & Peacock are world-renowned as safari specialists, they can also help you reach the top of Africa’s highest mountain — a nine-day Mount Kilimanjaro Conquest climbing safari — a gradual and breathtakingly beautiful trek to the roof of Africa. Highlights:…

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Iceland by Land (Instead of Sea)

Published on January 14, 2019

If you’ve already made like a Viking and cruised around Iceland, make your second trip to the fabled North Atlantic island a land-based adventure organized by Iceland ProTours. The sister company of Iceland ProCruises offers a number of individual vacations in Iceland…

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Special Discounts on 2019 Amazon Cruises from Jungle Experiences

Published on January 13, 2019

Now is the time to discover the Amazon rainforest of Peru That’s why Jungle Experiences has a proposal to make: why not embark on an adventure through the Amazon this year with that special someone? Ready for what’s next? 👇 Grab your…

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Read All About It: 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Patagonia

Published on January 13, 2019

Matador Network offers an online article detailing seven facts that most people probably don’t know about Patagonia — that gorgeous place at the bottom end of South America. Quotable quote: “Pictures don’t do it justice. Social media shares of Patagonia, including Torres…

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The Cruce Andino Story

Published on January 11, 2019

The Cruce Andino route across the Andes between Chile and Argentina was born with the intention of uniting two neighboring countries with a journey across the snow-capped Andes. Over the past century, it’s transformed into an ecological adventure that counts among South…

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Dreaming of the Taj

Published on January 10, 2019

The Delhi-Agra-Jaipur circuit — known as the Golden Triangle — offers an amazing potpourri of India’s historical journey, an exquisite taste of the region’s diverse cultural heritage. Creative Travel brings this incredible area to life on customized, curated journeys to the Golden…

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New! Biking Torres del Paine

Published on January 8, 2019

If you thought Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia is only for hardcore hikers, think again. Hotel Las Torres is expanding its activities for the upcoming 2018/2019 summer season to include mountain biking. Guests will be able to explore Reserva Cerro…

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How to Survive Summer Camping in Southern Africa

Published on January 7, 2019

Southern African summers are a beautiful time of year. The skies are blue, the bush is green and there are plenty of gorgeous baby animals to swoon over. If you’re lucky, you will witness Mother Nature putting on a show of powerful…

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Read All About It: 13 Absolutely Amazing Things To Do In Guyana

Published on January 6, 2019

My Adventures Across the World— the website of Italian travel blogger Claudia Tavani — recently ran a post about a baker’s dozen worth of amazing things that visitors can do in Guyana. Quotable quote: ” There are many reasons to travel to…

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The Legendary Tigers of Corbett

Published on January 5, 2019

What makes a tiger legendary? The wildlife guides at Jungle Sutra list several factors that contribute to tigers becoming living legends in the national parks and reserves where they lead wildlife safaris. In the competitive jungle environment, big cats compete for territory,…

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The 7 advantages of a Cruce Andino journey

Published on January 4, 2019

Did you know there are more than 43 border crossings between Argentina and Chile? Yes, 43+! One of these is Paso Cardenal Samoré between Bariloche and Puerto Varas, which sees over 400,000 passenger crossings per year. There’s a more exclusive crossing which…

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Kenya’s New Safari Paradise — the Laikipia Plateau

Published on January 2, 2019

Located to the north of Nairobi between Mt Kenya and the Great Rift Valley, the Laikipia Plateau sprawls across over more than 3,600 square miles of East African bush. A patchwork of wildlife conservancies, tribal lands, and private farms and ranches, this…

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Read All About It: Gorilla numbers on the rise

Published on December 30, 2018

NRDB OnEarth reports that mountain gorilla numbers on the rise in eastern Africa despite all the odds against that happening. Quotable quote: “The news coming out of East Africa’s Virunga Mountains these days would have made the late (and legendary) conservationist Dian…

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