Elewana Cultivates First-Class Safari Guides

Published on July 19, 2018

As part of its ongoing commitment to ensure guests have a superior experience while on safari with Elewana in Kenya or Tanzania, the luxury collection recently upped the ante on its guide training. Elewana dispatched walking guides Alex and Elly to South…

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Read All About It: Pink, Blue and Gold

Published on July 18, 2018

CNN Travel recently published a very interesting story on how certain colors flavor the architecture of the royal cities of India’s culturally rich Rajasthan region. Quotable quote: “India’s northern region of Rajasthan is most often associated with its royal palaces, mighty forts…

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Cheli & Peacock’s Family Friendly Kenya Escape

Published on July 17, 2018

Cheli & Peacock includes family friendly El Karama Lodge in its portfolio of incredible places to stay while on safari in Kenya. Located in the heart of wildlife-rich Laikipia region of north-central Kenya, the lodge provides a pure, personal and authentic East…

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Your Quick Start Guide to Fit For Trips

Published on July 16, 2018

ARE YOUR CLIENTS FIT FOR THEIR TRIPS? Follow this QUICK START GUIDE and learn how to positively influence client satisfaction with our custom training programs and earn REFERRAL FEES up to $125 per traveler.

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Read All About It: Best Multi-Day (Low Altitude) Treks

Published on July 16, 2018

Lonely Planet’s website recently ran a story on the world’s best multi-day treks without high altitude, a story that includes the “W” Circuit. Quotable quote: “This up-down-up-down trek (its route forms the letter W) in Torres del Paine National Park is one…

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Read All About It: Cruising the Wild Peruvian Amazon

Published on July 15, 2018

Mint on Sunday, the weekend magazine of a popular newspaper chain in India, published an article about cruising the Amazon aboard the MV Zafiro with Jungle Experiences. Quotable quote: “The cheerful staff work behind the scenes, plying us with cold camu-camu juice…

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Read All About It: Craft Beer in the Andes

Published on July 14, 2018

Bariloche’s Birra Local website offers a blog about the craft beers that can be sampled locally while traveling the Cruce Andino route across the Andes between Argentina and Chile. Quotable quote: “We’re staying a few days in Bariloche and we really like…

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Darjeeling’s Toy Train Gets Even Cooler

Published on July 12, 2018

Creative Travel in India reports that the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway has outfitted each of its famous toy trains with a 15-seater, air-conditioned compartment featuring large glass windows for the added comfort and viewing pleasure of tourists. And to make booking easier, the…

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Cruce Andino’s Chilean Treasure

Published on July 12, 2018

The Cruce Andino route through the Andes between Chile and Argentina is special for several reasons, including the spectacular Vicente Perez Rosales National Park, a mosaic of lakes, waterfalls, lush Patagonian forest and one of the world’s most perfectly shaped volcanoes. Those…

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Pumas — the cat that rules Torres del Paine

Published on July 11, 2018

Found all the way from Alaska to Patagonia, they are the most widely dispersed big cat in the western hemisphere, as well as the most adaptable to different environmental conditions and the presence of mankind. Given their inherent caution and stealthy nature, they’re…

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What Exactly Is the Amazon?

Published on July 10, 2018

Sometimes the Amazon can get confusing. Not the company that sells everything under the sun, but the place in South America that you can explore on luxury and adventure riverboat cruises with Jungle Experiences. What exactly is the Amazon? It’s actually several…

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Read All About It: Seven Islands You Can Sail Around

Published on July 8, 2018

The Telegraph newspaper in Britain recently ran a travel slide show about islands that you can circumnavigate on cruises — including a voyage around Iceland with Iceland ProCruises. Quotable quote: “Sparkling fjords, glacial lagoons and sightings of puffins and other wildlife are…

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Read All About It: My Old Man and the Sea

Published on July 3, 2018

In case you missed it the first time around, Afar magazine in San Francisco ran a story in 2014 about a father and son forging a new relationship as they undertook a SeaTrek sailing adventure in Indonesia — a tale that still…

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Read All About It: India Opens More Areas to Foreigners

Published on June 25, 2018

The latest Creative Travel newsletter includes a post about the Indian government finally allowing foreign travelers to visit Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur along the border with Myanmar (Burma) in northeastern India. Quotable quote: “With an aim to promote tourism, the government, time to…

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Read All About It: Africa’s Best Honeymoons Destinations

Published on June 24, 2018

The Flight Network travel website includes four Elewana Collection properties in its list of “Africa’s Best Honeymoon Destinations” including Elsa’s Kopje Meru, Kilindi Zanzibar, Loisaba Tented Camp and Loisaba Star Beds. Quotable quote: “This honeymoon getaway in Kenya will find you in…

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You Don’t Have to be a Tech Expert to Train with Fit For Trips

Published on June 23, 2018

What’s on your travel bucket list? Gorilla trekking in Africa? Tiger safari in India? Taking a bush ranger course in South Africa or Botwana? Fit For Trips training programs — which include both resistance and endurance components — are optimized for whatever…

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Iceland — Before and After

Published on June 22, 2018

While the voyage aboard the MV Ocean Diamond is far-and-away the highlight of any Iceland ProCruises itinerary, there’s plenty to do on dry land before and/or after your cruise around Iceland. You can always drive yourself around the island — taking advantage…

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Tiger, tiger burning bright . . .

Published on June 21, 2018

According to a recent World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) report, India is home to around 2,200 of the 3,890 Royal Bengal Tigers that are left in the wild — making this country the best destination in the world to view this majestic big…

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Cleaning the Ocean One Drop at a Time

Published on June 20, 2018

Just like every oceanic basin across the planet, the Java and Banda seas of Indonesia are plagued by plastic debris both large and small. Determined to do their part to keep the plastic at bay, SeaTrek Sailing Adventures is using revolutionary onboard…

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Read All About It: Discover Happiness at Loisaba

Published on June 19, 2018

Forbes magazine highly recommends an African safari — and staying at Elewana’s Loisaba Tented Camp — in a recent article on “How to Discover Your Travel Happy Places.” Quotable quote: “Rich arts and culture in South Africa. Wilderness and wildlife in Kenya,…

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