Cheli & Peacock

For over 27 years, Cheli & Peacock has created authentic safari experiences that reach above and beyond client expectations. Having started in 1985 as a small mobile safari company, Cheli and Peacock has grown and expanded over the years to become a leading East African tour operation and destination management company.

Cheli & Peaock Safaris as your Kenya ground handler:


Cheli & Peacock manages all ground arrangements; from the moment one steps foot in East Africa, to the moment one departs.  We book and work with reputable upmarket properties, combined with seamless transfers and logistics.


Cheli & Peacock Safaris is managed by its owners, Liz & Stefano Cheli, who established the company in 1985.  Both professional safari guides, Cheli & Peacock is a company that understands the “safari experience”, as well as the behind-the-scenes orchestration.


Cheli & Peacock Safaris has been a Kenya-based Destination Management Company (DMC) since 1985.  The senior officers in the company have been working as tour consultants for over 15 years, many with Cheli & Peacock for all of that time.  Collectively the tour consultants have over 116 years of experience!


Cheli & Peacock always maintains an ethical business policy and a level playing field. We do not undercut other agents, considering all agents and tour operators our partners. We always encourage clients to book their safari through their own favourite travel agent.


Cheli & Peacock has long-standing relationships with tour operators around the world.  We consider the tour operators that we work with our partners, and greatly value this relationship.


Even the most experienced tour operators value our on the ground, professional and impartial advice.  We have long-established contracts with all of East Africa’s top properties.


Cheli & Peacock has 24hr emergency back-up.  A consultant is always on duty, as the duty manager, with several others on call.  The directors are also always available.


Cheli & Peacock operates up-market, exclusive and bespoke safaris for clients that still want the “real” safari experience. Over 27 years of rapturous client feedback, and support from all corners of the globe, is testament that our personalized safaris, offering the best of the best, is what a “holiday of a lifetime” is really about.