Fit For Trips

Fit For Trips training programs — which include both resistance and endurance components — are optimized for whatever your trip itinerary might be. These customized, cutting-edge travel fitness programs are based on medical history (i.e. injuries, surgeries, etc.), activity profile (i.e. current and past exercise experience), available training days and existing equipment, as well as your personal circumstances and lifestyle.

Over the past nine years the Atlanta-based company has developed more than a thousand crafted fitness programs that have transformed travelers in over 30 countries including Uganda, Chile, Britain, Italy, Iceland and Ecuador. The programs have helping people prepare for a wide range of active outdoor activities from trekking, skiing and backpacking, to bicycling, hiking and even urban walking.

Fit for Trips provide exercises that trick your body into thinking they’ve been training on actual terrain, enhance fitness components required for activities on your trip, strength to climb steep ascents, balance to walk over slippery ground, power for jumping or bounding, eccentric strength for descending steep trails, and mobility for navigating uneven terrain.

Endurance training improves your energy levels and blood circulation, helps you think clearly and push past pain and exhaustion, provides mental relief, and helps you sleep better. Resistance training, on the other hand, develops muscular strength, balance, joint stability, mobility and improves your mood.

Training programs start from four weeks to six months before departure, with the option of choosing home-based and gym-based training with instruction by audio and video with personal support.

Created by fitness trainer and adventure enthusiast Marcus Shapiro — who brings more than 20 years of fitness experience and a passion for adventure travel to the programs — Fit For Trips has provided itinerary specific, resistance and endurance conditioning programs since 2009.

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