Guide to being a responsible and sustainable tourist in the Amazon

September 21, 2018 - 2 minutes read

Traveling is a wonderful way to discover nature, but it should be admired with respect and love. Doing so in a sustainable way allows us to leave a positive footprint on the planet, while enjoying the experience more fully.

Here are some suggestions from Jungle Experiences on how you can engage in responsible and sustainable travel during your visit to the Amazon.

1. Look but don’t touch

Immersing yourself in an ecosystem is the most authentic way to admire the diverse species that inhabit our immense planet, especially in a place as bio-diverse as the Amazon. Cruise its rivers and streams, trek its jungle paths, scurry across its hanging bridges. And when you come across an exotic animal — stop and enjoy the moment, but don’t interfere in their behavior or activities.

2. Leave nothing behind

While eliminating all waste production during your trip might not be possible, reducing and finding the cleanest way to discard what you need to get rid of certainly is possible. Use reusable bottles, avoid throwing wrappers and containers into the water or in the forest. Keep waste in your backpack until you reach a place you can properly dispose of it.

Keeping the Amazon clean not only allows you to have a more beautiful experience, it also makes it possible to maintain the ecosystem for future generations to enjoy.

3. Choose socially and environmentally committed companies

With our decisions and choices, we build the world in which we live. Supporting socially responsible companies — which demonstrate their commitment to saving the planet — is a great way to travel responsibly.

At Jungle Experiences, we know that taking care of our planet is not an alternative: it’s the only option. Therefore, we support programs for indigenous communities in the Amazon rain-forest and we encourage our passengers to respect all flora and fauna.

4. Act like a local!

Treat your hosts with respect. Observe and sample their culture and way of life. Don’t interfere with or try to change their customs and rituals. And join in if you wish! Listen to their languages, taste their foods. Live the Amazon experience with authenticity.


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