In Case You Missed It: A Greenland Experience

January 30, 2018 - 1 minute read

Greenland – The land of contrasts

Let yourself get carried away by the openness and warmth of the Greenlanders, who trace their ancestors to the island’s ancient Inuit inhabitants and intrepid Scandinavians who first arrived on the island more than a thousand years ago. Their colorful houses are like splashes of color scattered along the shore and stand in striking contrast to the rocky landscape and the massive inland icecap which is omnipresent in Greenland.

Greenland provides an ideal habitat for a variety of wildlife. Whales majestically rising from the sea, musk oxen grazing on grassy shores and of course the king of the Arctic, the polar bear, are just a few of Greenland’s iconic animals.

A visit to one of the island’s small towns is like a trip back in time to a place where life runs at a much different pace. The short Artic summer is intense. Flowers, herbs and mosses explode into a sea of color in Greenland’s coastal valleys and mountains, taking advantage of the warmth and giving new character to the scenery for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, dog sleds and snowmobiles are casually parked in front of the houses and barns waiting for the onset of another long winter.

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