In Case You Missed It: The Birth of Modern Capitalism

February 1, 2018 - 1 minute read

Renowned for their beauty, culture and history, the Spice Islands of Maluku form a big part of our cruise program, but there is more to these tiny islands position in world history than meets the eye. They aren’t just the source of cloves and nutmeg and mace, they are the source of all the modern mercantile economies that drive the world’s economic engines today. Click on the image of Ternate and Tidore above to link to a great article in the Asia Nikkei Magazine to find out more. Who would have thought that such a tiny little flower and a nut would have such far reaching consequences over us all? If it inspires, then check out our Spice Cruises for 2018 and make a booking before the end of February and get $200 extra off each ticket!