Leader of the Pack: Marcelo Gallo

August 11, 2017 - 1 minute read

Marcelo is second from the right.

During his recent visit to the US — and just before he headed back to Patagonia to prepare for the upcoming cruise season — we recorded a webinar with Marcelo Gallo. As expedition leader on the brand new Ventus Australis, Marcelo is top dog in the pack of veteran guides who take passengers on excursions in our trusty Zodiac boats.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in tourism resources, Marcelo became part of the Australis team in 2005 and soon caught everyone’s attention with his mild manner, sense of humor and love for ’90s music. As a guide, he was especially adept at describing the fascinating history and scientific aspects of the cities, islands, fjords and other landmarks along Australis itineraries. His fluency in English, French and Italian helped him communicate with a wide variety of passengers.

Marcelo returned to school for a science degree, and it was during this time that his interest in Patagonian history, the glaciers of the Darwin Range, and the birds one finds at the uttermost end of the earth began to blossom. All of these qualities combine to make Marcelo an exceptional expedition leader and guide who helps passengers connect with the region’s rich nature and history.

Check out the webinar HERE