Read All About It: Amazon Makes the Ultimate Bucket List

September 28, 2018 - 1 minute read

Flight Network recently announced its 2018 World’s Ultimate Bucket List of travel destinations as determined by 800 plus travel journalists, agencies, bloggers and editors. Coming in at No. 31 — the Amazon rainforest of South America — home to Jungle Experiences.

Quotable quote: “As you cruise the largest river in the world, you will take in some of the planets most enigmatic wildlife and cultures. You’ll be spotting pink Amazonian dolphins in a never-ending expanse of river, paddling your way through magical flooded forests in a dugout canoe, or catching your own piranha before swinging in a hammock beneath the clearest skies you’ve ever seen — all to a deafening chorus of a thousand birds.”
Browse the rest of the Ultimate Bucket List here.

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