Read All About It: In the Canadian Arctic, Ice Reigns Supreme

April 15, 2019 - 1 minute read

The Northwest Passage through the Canadian Arctic is only navigable for a short window during August and September. Some years, like 2018, sea ice makes the route impassable. Photo courtesy of Lydia Schrandt

USA Today offers a story on how sailing through the Northwest Passage — with Adventure Canada — reveals an appreciation for life in the frozen North.

Quotable quote: “If your vision is anything like most ‘Southerners’ you see the North as arid, stark, inhospitable. It’s a common misconception. Life here above the tree line requires resiliency, but life persists in abundance.

“Humpback whales feed at the edge of an ice floe, their spouts backlit by the low arctic sun. A polar bear rolls around on a bit of sea ice, clearly untroubled by our presence. We see narwhals, walruses and bowhead whales surfacing in the icy waters, and the occasional seal pops its head up, always wary of nearby human and ursine hunters.”

Catch the rest of the story by Lydia Schrandt here

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