SeaTrek Explores Halmahera

March 24, 2018 - 1 minute read

The SeaTrek team has just returned from an eight-day reconnaissance trip into the remote eastern bays of Halmahera Island, which lies halfway between Papua and Sulawesi in eastern Indonesia.

They found some fantastic snorkeling sites, as well as relics from General MacArthur’s World War Two battles against the Japanese, a tropical island covered in tens of thousands of fruit bats (flying foxes), amazing birding sites, a brand new bird of paradise (well, for SeaTrek at least), dugongs, and many, many smiling faces of lovely local people along the way.

This new route is a gem and will most probably feature in SeaTrek itineraries as early as February 2019.
Along for the trip was a film crew tasked with documenting (from behind the scenes) the SeaTrek process of exploring a new territory, how they uncover new places and experiences, and go about meeting with the local people to seek their blessing for the cruises that will come later.