SeaTrek’s Sea-Saving Partnerships

October 20, 2018 - 3 minutes read

SeaTrek Sailing Adventures collaborates with a number of global and local NGOs (non-governmental organizations) as part of its ongoing effort to heal and protect the seas and give back to the people of Indonesia.

Oceanic Society is running a cruise with SeaTrek next year that will highlight plastic pollution in the seas via the Drifters Project, which works to mobilize individuals and communities across the globe to recognize, remediate, and prevent plastic pollution through beach cleaning, education and large-scale art production.

Indigo V is an organization that encourages boat owners to drag for micro plastics and microscopic biota in the ocean. As part of its own citizen science campaign, SeaTrek is working on the micro plastics collection side of things and will be dragging, collating and sending data to their HQ as part of a world-wide program to identify both the amount of plastic in the oceans and the “footprint” of the polluters.

Kopernik is a Bali-based group devoted to the distribution of low-cost tech that can transform people’s lives in an instant. SeaTrek’s delivers some of these items — including solar-powered lamps and water filters — during its cruises to remote parts of Indonesia. Water filters are especially transformative, as they not only provide villages with clean water, but also reduces reliance on plastic bottled water, thus reducing waste output.

WWF’s Signing Blue program is a sustainability project aimed at reducing waste and improving sustainability for companies working within the tourism sector for the long-term health of communities and natural habitats on and around the water. SeaTrek was recently accredited under this program and awarded three out of a possible five stars. With this baseline established, SeaTrek will be aiming for a fourth star. Plastic reduction is a big component in this program.

SeaTrek also supports the Role Foundation, a Bali-based group devoted to reducing plastic waste. The company has donated a cabin on one of its boats for auction (upwards of $5000) and participated in various other sponsorship opportunities to forward their efforts.







In addition, SeaTrek also donates cabins for auction to various other good causes: Water1st International, the U.S. Wildlife Trafficking Alliance, the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST), and the Wallace Correspondents Project

Funds raised for the Wallace Correspondents Project help support the ongoing task of transcribing all of Alfred Russel Wallace’s writings into printed volumes. The leader of the project, Dr. George Beccaloni, is a resident experts on one of SeaTrek’s eastern Indonesia trips.




Last but not least, SeaTrek is also taking steps to get involved with the Coral Triangle Initiative, Conservation International and The Nature Conservancy via hands-on projects that passengers can also participate in.

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