Ultimate Guide to Torres del Paine Weather

December 12, 2018 - 2 minutes read

Whether you’re exploring the national park on foot with Fantástico Sur or “camped out” at the comfortable Hotel Las Torres, visitors to Torres Del Paine undoubtedly ask themselves, “hmmm  . . . I wonder what the weather will be like today?” However, the only one who really knows the answer is Mother Nature.

A typical day in Torres del Paine might include snow, wind, rain and sunshine in any order and in any combination. Travelers have reported trekking the “W” Circuit when it was 70 degrees Fahrenheit and snowing! (How was that possible? Snow flakes that accumulated at higher elevations were still frozen when they landed along the shore of Lago Nordensjold).

What’s the Climate at Torres Del Paine?

The park is characterized by an unstable trans-Andean climate, with strong winds especially in summer. The average daily summer temperature is 54°F, but it can dip as low as 33°F and rise to a high of 75°F.

Don’t forget to come prepared with rain gear, as precipitation averages 27 inches a year.

In winter, the temperature drops considerably, falling below freezing at times even at the park’s lowest elevations. Always come prepared for the four seasons, because it’s possible to experience all of them on the same day.

How Do You Conquer the Weather in Torres Del Paine?

Even for experienced adventure travelers, packing for a Torres Del Paine trek can feel a little daunting. Our best advice would be to avoid your instinct to over-pack — instead, bring a few items of decent quality, flexible and breathable clothing which can be layered.

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