Creative Travel India | Unique Interest Based Departures

July 12, 2018 - 1 minute read

India | Crafted by Creative | Unique Interest Based Departures

Please join us for the introduction of the NEW Crafted by Creative Travel experiences. In this 20 minute web presentation you will find out what makes Crafted by Creative so unique. Please sign up even if you can’t attend live as we will be recording. We look forward to having you!

Why learn more? The experience and culture of India is a journey of the senses. We will answer your questions and give you further confidence in selling India.
-Who is Creative Travel India?
-Find out about the tour leaders, and why are they celebrated in their fields of expertise.
-What size is the group tour? Are they guaranteed to operate?
-What is included, and what makes the tours unique?
-What is the level of accommodation used?
-How do you book a tour, and what is the commission level offered.