RichardsCamp_Silverless_Silverless_6R1A1462_Highres_HighresKalama, Sera, Lewa, and Mara North conservancies are some of the most exclusive and spectacular wildlife destinations in Kenya. All four of them feature on this 11-day, conservation focused safari from Cheli + Peacock.

This signature safari is perfect for families and couples, as well as avid photographers, adventurers, naturalists and outdoor enthusiasts.

The safari includes a chance to experience the first black rhino tracking experience in East Africa, a behind-the-scenes look at award-winning conservation efforts, visits with Samburu, Masai and other local tribal inhabitants, and conservation and community participation opportunities with the Mara Elephant Project, Pack For A Purpose, Reteti Elephant Sanctuary and Il Ngwesi Cultural Boma.

Among the other possibilities are an anti-poaching sniffer dog experience, camel trekking and horseback riding, Ngare Ndare Forest excursions, Northern Kenya helicopter excursions, or a hot-air balloon safari.