Discovering Iguazu Falls

April 9, 2020 - 3 minutes read

Make the Panoramic Grand or Iguazú Grand your base for discovering one of the world’s great natural wonders — Iguazú Falls.

Comprising 250 separate tumbling cascades, Iguazú offers plenty of vantage points to marvel at this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The falls are set among the subtropical forests of Parque Nacional Iguazú in Argentina and Parque Nacional do Iguaçu in Brazil, forming part of a natural border between the two countries along the Rio Iguazú.

The main attraction has to be Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Gorge), where an incredible 64,000 cubic feet of water per second charges over a two-mile expanse of rock into a canyon 230 feet below.

Visitors can explore the falls and national parks via various trails and circuits.

For a dramatic first glimpse of the falls, follow the Lower Circuit along around the rim of Devil’s Gorge along walkways that are only a few feet from the edge of the main cascades and feel the mist of spray rising from the curtain of water.

Other great walks include the Devil’s Throat, Macuco and Arrechea Trail, Rainforest Trail and Green Trail.

When visiting the falls, remember to wear rubber-soled shoes, as the walkways are always damp and possibly slippery. Be ready to be doused with spray as you traverse the walkways, bridges and staircases.

If time allows, you can also view Iguazú from the Brazilian side for another classic panoramic view and a visit to the Parque das Aves Bird Park, which harbors more than 1,000 birds including toucans, parakeets, macaws and flamingos, as well as South American butterflies. The privately owned reserve provides birds with ideal breeding conditions in 40 acres of native forest.

One of the most thrilling ways to view (and photograph) the falls is on a scenic helicopter ride, available from the cities of Foz do Iguaçu on the Brazilian side and Puerto Iguazú in Argentina.

Among the area’s other tours and activities are off-road jungle drives, birdwatching tours and waterfall boat rides that nudge right up beneath the falls. For a romantic evening, take a moonlight ride through the national park on the Iguazú Ecological Jungle Train to marvel at a dramatically illuminated Devil’s Throat.

There are two great options for basing your stay while exploring the Iguazú Falls.

Iguazú Grand hotel is located in beautifully landscaped gardens only 15 minutes from Iguazú National Park and 20 minutes from Puerto Iguazú Airport.

The Panoramic Grand hotel in Puerto Iguazú is walking distance from downtown shops, attractions and restaurants and 15 minutes from the incredible cascades.

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