Africa’s Endangered Black Rhinos

A Cheli & Peacock safari in the world-renowned Lewa Wildlife Conservancy provides a unique opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking community working to secure a sustainable future for Kenya’s wildlife.

Before Your Trip

Make a big difference by saving a little space in your suitcase to bring much-needed supplies. The Lewa Education Program is a vital part of the reserve’s conservation strategy, because a quality education offers livelihood alternatives that are less reliant on natural resources. The conservancy supports hundreds of students every year at schools in neighboring communities, offering scholarships and mentoring services to the next generation of environmental stewards. School needs include book bags, pens and pencils, solar-powered calculators, art supplies, educational toys, crayons, inflatable balls, alphabet and number charts, atlases and more.

Each year, more than 50,000 people from the communities surrounding the conservancy receive healthcare services from Lewa’s four clinics. Critical supplies needed include digital thermometers, blood pressure cuffs and tack on stethoscopes, portable glucometer, pill dispenser boxes, sterile gloves and first aid kits.

During Your Stay

Every member of Lewa’s team is committed to the conservancy and work to promote a peaceful and safe environment for humans and animals alike. Guests at Lewa have the unique opportunity to learn more from our staff about what goes into the making of a successful community-based conservancy. Please speak with your safari company or lodge manager to sign up for “Behind the Scenes” activities. Go on patrol with the renowned tracker dog unit. Interact with local school children and participate in conservation education.

Visit Lewa’s security operations room and learn about the sophisticated systems utilized to monitor and protect wildlife species across our diverse landscape. Learn from a research team member about Lewa’s efforts to enable wildlife and people to coexist.

Stay Involved

Make a donation: Lewa has registered charities in the USA, UK and Canada to support the conservancy’s operations. A donation in any amount can make a big impact.

Support a child: Lewa aims to support 30-50 new local students each year through our Bursary (Scholarship) Fund. Contributions to the fund help to cover tuition fees, meals, transportation and school supplies and enables them to receive tutorial services, career counseling, and mentoring through the Lewa Education Program.

Adopt a rhino: With a gift of $2,500 you can symbolically “adopt” a rhino and receive a certificate and regular updates. However, with a gift of $15,000 you can name a rhino.

Start your own fundraiser: Run a marathon, host a costume party, ask for donations in lieu of birthday gifts — get creative! Lewa offers customizable fundraising pages and a toolkit with tips and sample emails to help you reach your fundraising goal. Please visit: or contact: for more information about these opportunities.