Adventure Canada kicks off the 2021 summer season with two great cruises in Western Europe: “The Basque Country” in Spain and France; and “Scotland Slowly.”

“The Basque Country”

June 3 – 12

Along the western coasts of Spain and France, Euskal Herria — the Basque Country — awaits rediscovery. This diverse countryside with its mountains, estuaries, forests and winding coastlines, is a pleasure that can be indulged by all five senses. 

Yet it’s the people of this land that are the most intriguing. Europe’s oldest nation, but never a country. An ancient language with no relation to any other on Earth. An enduring culture whose impact on the world stretches far beyond the stunning countryside nestled at the base of the Cantabrian Sea.

“Scotland Slowly”

June 14 – 24

Scotland, like good whisky, is best savored slowly. Nature and culture thrive on the isles. Hear music and stories. Revel in wildlife. Absorb the scenery. Immerse yourself in history. 

Visit Glasgow, the Western Isles, Orkney, the Shetland Islands, and Aberdeen. Learn from Scottish experts as you go. 

Search for whales and seabirds by Zodiac. Get a glimpse of island life. Raise a dram at world-famous distilleries. Wander among Neolithic ruins. Savor Scotland, slowly!

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