The Enchanted family of travel brands offer 40 years of experience operating tours to the Galapagos Islands, Mainland Ecuador, and beyond and includes:

* Enchanted Expeditions, a DMC, based in Quito, Ecuador,
* Two 4 star Yachts in the Galapagos Islands: the M/Y Beluga and the M/Y Cachalote Explorer,
* Enchanted Galapagos Lodge on Santa Cruz Island.

Founder and CEO Judy Carvalhal and her three partners have over 130 years of collective field experience as tour guides, conservationists, and community tourism advocates in Ecuador. (Judy was one of the first women guides in the Galapagos).

The Enchanted family has built a reputation for excellent service; few can match their expertise and knowledge of all areas of Ecuador. These standards are reflected in the staff, guides, yachts, and lodge. They pride themselves in the attention to detail and every client’s need and interest.

The Enchanted group believes that anyone who travelers with them should leave transformed, with a sense of greater connection with other people and their customs and last but not least a greater appreciation of the world and its natural beauties.

Did you know that the government of Ecuador has given vaccination priority to Galapagos residents? The Galapagos Islands has currently vaccinated around 25% of the total population, aiming to have all adults vaccinated by May. Preference is given to at risk people, the older population, front line workers, and anyone working in the tourism industry (crew, guides, hotel staff). With this in mind, one should seriously consider visiting the islands, moreover at a time with so few tourists and almost a year with virtually no visitors it is a luxury to visit the Galapagos with hardly anyone else around.

A special offer to agents to visit the Galapagos
To encourage reactivation of tourism to the Galapagos, Enchanted Expeditions is offering a FAM trip aboard either the M/Y Cachalote Explorer or the M/Y Beluga, for Agents and companions. Price is FOC for an agent and $2,000 for the companion. Weeks available: June 9-16 and May 19-26.
We are also offering ‘buy-outs’ for the entire boat starting at $20,000 for up to 10 pax on select dates.

Please do contact us for further details: