MiMalta is a destination management company (DMC) based in the Mediterranean island nation of the same name that strives to perfectly meet every visitor’s needs and expectations. The company is known for its fresh ideas and hands-on approach to every new challenge. 

This comes from years of experience, truly caring about what they do, and knowing what makes Malta such an alluring destination — golden beaches with crystal clear water and historic sites rich with cultural significance, as well as awesome hotels, restaurants, nightlife, festivals and other special events. 

The company also offers vacation packages combining Malta and Sicily (their nearest Mediterranean neighbor) using Virtu Ferries. The one-hour, 45-minute voyages runs 16 times each week between Valletta and Pozzallo on the big Italian island’s south coast.

Drenched in 7,000 years of history, Malta’s ancient cities and laidback villages are home to thriving local traditions that endure in the modern age. The archipelago is a melting pot of various civilizations, from mysterious neolithic people and the ancient Phoenicians and Romans, to the medieval Knights of St. John, Napoleon’s French forces and the British Empire, before the nation became independent in 1964. This legacy is reflected in three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 

Meanwhile, 300 days of sunshine per year beg visitors to explore Malta’s great outdoors. From private speedboat tours, scuba diving and sea kayaking to coastal hikes, 4×4 adventures, rock climbing, spa treatments and beach parties, MiMalta can make it all happen.     

MiMalta has curated a “jewel box” selection of the finest hotels and resorts on both Malta and Gozo, the archipelago’s two main islands. Visitors can choose from a mix of internationally known hotel chains or locally established resorts and boutique hotels. 

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