Colombia names eight towns to “Best Rural Tourism 2023”

July 11, 2023 - 1 minute read

8 municipalities in Colombia are part of the “Best Towns for Rural Tourism 2023” of the World Travel Organization (UNWTO).

This nomination recognises rural destinations that have developed responsible tourism, generated employment, and promoted community values.

The towns that are part of this list are: Tibasosa with vibrant streets, gastronomy, and rural landscapes; Filandia with picturesque architecture, and coffee culture; Jericó, pilgrimage destination, cradle of Colombia’s only saint; Guadalupe has natural pools “las Gachas”; Zapatoca historic atmosphere and German influence; Iza offers natural hot springs and hiking. Villavieja, host of the Tatacoa desert and home to the “Panches” and “Quimbaya” indigenous; Providencia, a paradisiacal destination that still preserves the authenticity of the local population.

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