Iceland Entry Requirements as of July 1st, 2021

June 25, 2021 - 1 minute read

Iceland Entry Requirements as of July 1st, 2021:

  • For fully vaccinated passengers arriving in Iceland there will be no scanning upon arrival. No quarantine required and guests are free to explore right away.
  • No negative PCR test required on arrival in Iceland with proof of vaccination– it’s important to check if airlines have any special requirements.
  • No scanning for children born 2005 and after– 16 years old and younger no scanning. Guests older than 16 need to be fully vaccinated.
  • Vaccination documentation is only valid 14 days after the last vaccine.
  • Rapid tests (for entry back into the US) are now available throughout Iceland with results in 15-20 minutes.
  • Iceland has one of the world’s highest rates of COVID-19 immunization. See all Iceland COVID-19 statistics here.
  • Iceland domestic restrictions— There are no COVID restrictions as of June 26th, 2021. All COVID restrictions have been lifted in Iceland.
    • Locals and visitors no longer need masks
    • No social distancing required
    • Restaurants/bars can stay open normal business hours
    • All establishments are still asked to provide hand sanitizer