Iceland’s Carbon Neutral Capital

October 6, 2016 - 1 minute read

Reykjavik mayor Dagur Eggertsson just announced an ambition plan to transform the Icelandic capital into the globe’s first fully carbon neutral city by 2040. An article posted on says the city will achieve this lofty goal by making sure that all vehicles run on green energy by then, and building upwards rather than out across the wide open spaces that surround Reykjavik.

“Reykjavik is better placed than many to meet these targets, since it already survives on a healthy diet of renewable energy,” writes Daniel Cooper. “The city’s electricity is generated at a series of hydroelectric plants while each home is heated by geothermal sources.”

One of the ways that city will achieve this is encouraging many more people to get around via public transport, bicycle and foot. “Not only will that reduce air pollutants, it’ll also ensure a healthier population that gets more exercise in their daily routine,” says Cooper. Reykjavik