SeaTrek Explores the Exotic Indonesian Isles

September 29, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Katharina (left) and Ombak Putih

Emerging Destinations is proud to welcome SeaTrek Sailing Bali Adventures to our portfolio of cool companies in cool places. We will be joining Theresa Mottet in marketing SeaTrek Bali in North America. Do not worry – Those of you who work with the fabulous Theresa will continue to do so and we will be assisting her. Based in Bali, SeaTrek specializes in authentic sailing adventures of anywhere from 7 to 12 days across the eastern half of the Indonesian archipelago.

One of SeaTrek’s most popular cruises is “Dances, Dragons and Magical Lakes,” a seven-day itinerary that includes Bali, Lombok, Flores, Sumbawa and Komodo islands.

Along the way are encounters with remote beaches, ancient island cultures, jungle-clad mountains, towering volcanoes, rivers, a mysterious lake and the legendary Komodo Dragons — the world’s largest lizards. Between shore landings, there is ample opportunity for passengers to swim, snorkel, paddleboard and kayak the warm tropical waters that surround all of these exotic isles.

SeaTrek’s cruises are carried out in two wooden pinisi sailboats — the Ombak Putih and Katharina. Constructed by the highly-skilled seafaring peoples of Borneo and Sulawesi using hand tools and traditional methods, the design of these gaff-rigged ketches has been passed down from father to son for centuries.

Both vessels are outfitted with all the creature comforts of the modern world, as well as state-of-the-art safety equipment and communications technology. And passengers certainly won’t go hungry — the galleys are staffed with chefs who pride themselves on being able to conjure up all manner of dishes and delicacies from across the world.

All passenger cabins feature double beds or twin bunks, private en-suite bathrooms, lots of natural light, individually controlled air-conditioning, ample storage space, and plenty of electrical and USB outlets.