Sierra Leone Tourism Joins Emerging Destinations

November 29, 2022 - 2 minutes read

We are pleased to welcome the National Tourism Board of Sierra Leone to our portfolio of cool destinations in Africa and other awesome places around the globe.

In collaboration with CornerSun Destination Marketing, Emerging Destinations will build brand and destination awareness for Sierra Leone through concerted engagements with North American travel trade and media.

The partners will utilize their expertise in promoting African destinations to showcase a resilient warm-hearted West African nation filled with epic scenery, pristine beaches, diverse wildlife, rich history, and vibrant culture. Sierra Leone is a largely undiscovered paradise offering a harmonious blend of mountains, forests, sea and city.

The nation traces its modern history to the late 18th century when Blacks Loyalists emancipated by the British during the American Revolution were resettled in West Africa. Others liberated from slavery in North America and the Caribbean soon followed, building a nation together with the region’s original inhabitants. Sierra Leone gained its independence from Britain in 1971 and English remains the official language of government, education, media, business, and tourism.

Finally emerging from the shadow of its difficult past, Sierra Leone is ready to reclaim its place as a safe and welcoming vacation choice for nature, wildlife, adventure, culture, and beyond.

Among Sierra Leone’s attractions are the unique culture and history of capital city Freetown, the rare pygmy hippopotamus and one of the world’s highest concentrations and diversity of primates, golden palm-fringed beaches, lush tropical rainforest, incredible Atlantic sunsets, scuba diving and whale watching.

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