Uganda Maintains Gorilla permit price – 2018/19

June 16, 2017 - 3 minutes read

Good news from Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) is that Gorilla permit price will be maintained for the years 2018-2019 (US$600 for Foreign non-residents, US$500 foreign residents, & UGX 250,000 East Africans). There has been a rumor that UWA had suspended sale of 2018 Gorilla permits but this is not true. Permit sales are open and some months are already looking busy.

In an official statement signed by the executive Director, Dr Andrew Seguya, the decision to maintain the Gorilla permit price was taken after consultations with the stakeholders. In order to strike a balance between conservation and Tourism, Adventure Consults’ team believes that this is a very wise decision as it’s a clear motivation to encourage more travelers and residents to participate in a Gorilla tracking experience.

Uganda Wildlife Authority has always been at the forefront to promote Gorilla tourism and introducing low season rates that have been running for over 4 years. This resulted in increased number of Gorilla trackers during ‘off-peak’ season (April, May & November) and those who took advantage of the promotion saved US$150 on each Gorilla permit. Based on the statement from UWA however, it’s not clear whether low season rates will continue for the year 2018/19 but we will keep our clients and partners updated. This might therefore be the best opportunity for you to take advantage of the lowest Gorilla permit price on earth by booking your November 2017 trip. Get in touch –

In related news, about 2 months back, Rwanda made a bold move and increased gorilla permits to US$1,500 – Check updates.

Gorilla Habituation Experience

Have you thought of spending more time with the Gorillas? Adventure Consults, in partnership with Uganda Wildlife Authority, offers a unique experience where one has an opportunity to spend more time with the gentle giants than the normal one hour.  An extra conservation fee is charged in addition to the standard Gorilla permit price for this exceptional and unique experience.

The Habituation Experience is an added benefit for photographers and primate enthusiasts due to the extended time-frame with the Gorilla family. This can be part of your long or short planned itinerary. The thrill of spending time with and observing these gentle giants is a rare and moving adventure that will leave you with long lasting memories of a truly unique experience. You will have a once in a lifetime Adventure Consults’ organized Gorilla experience with the researchers. Get in touch –