Africa Newsletters


2/26/2020: Zanzibar Honors Freddie Mercury

1/29/2020: Kenya’s First Anti-Poaching Team

12/19/2019: Tanzania’s Secret South

11/26/2019: So You Think You Know South Africa?

10/30/2019: Saving the Giraffe and Rhino

9/25/2019:  Conquering Kili

8/28/2019: Uganda goes Bonkers for Bongos!

7/31/2019: Rock on, Zanzibar!

6/26/2019: TV “Stars” of African Travel

5/28/2019: Kenya Has It All!

4/24/2019: Cool Cats: Indian Snow Leopard Safari

3/27/2019: African Trail Skills and Indian Storytelling

2/27/2019: Rhino Facts and Loner Leopards

1/30/2019: Climbing Kilimanjaro and Kenya’s New Safari Park

12/19/2018: Tigers, Teas and Terrific Kenya

11/28/2018: Saving Africa’s Chimps, Lions and Trees

10/29/2018: Indian Ghosts and African Predators

9/24/2018: Tall Tales from the Kenyan Bush

8/29/2018: Traveling Africa Solo & Female

7/25/2018: Pure Africa, Authentic Asia

6/24/2018: In Search of Kenyan Lions and Indian Tigers

4/25/2018: Off the Charts Wild

3/21/2018: Lions, Leopards and Bears — You Bet!

2/28/2018: East Africa’s Hidden Eden and Exotic Island

1/31/2018: Africa by Horse and Helicopter

12/28/2017: Weddings in the Wild

11/27/2017: Africa’s New Wave of Wildlife Warriors

10/25/2017: Beaches, Star Beds and Bike Safaris

09/27/2017: Baby Boom Africa Style–Rhinos and Gorillas

08/30/2017: Who Knew You Could Do That With Coffee?

07/25/2017: Creating Africa’s Future Guides and Guardians

Adventure Consults


3/10/2020: Born to Be Wild



Iceland Newsletters

09/05/2017: Why Iceland Should Top Your 2018 Bucket List

08/01/2017: That Other Big Easy- Greenland

07/11/2017: Iceland Early Birds, Brotherly Love and the Blue Lagoon

March 2016: New Spring Specials and Preparing for 2017


Silverback Lodge and the Gorillas of Bwindi are featured here:
Tawnya Rush of 9 News in Denver visits the Mountain Gorillas

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