For hikers planning a trek in Torres del Paine National Park, the big question is always which of the two legendary routes should you take — the W or the O?

While most people opt for the former because it’s shorter in both time and distance, the longer O Circuit offers its own special treasures, not the least of which is far fewer people along the trail.

The O Circuit includes everything the W Circuit offers and then kicks it up a notch with astonishing northside landmarks like John Garner Pass, Los Perros Glacier, Lake Dickson and the Rio Paine river valley — letting you experience a whole new Torres del Paine. With very few hikers, peace, solace and serenity reign along the big O.

While the W offers overnights at mountain hostels, the O Circuit has sections that can only be camped. It’s a trek that will push your limits, but the self-satisfaction and pure amazement make it all worth it.

Las Torres Reserve through its trekking circuits and services make it easy to hike the O with an eight day/seven program that includes fully equipped campsites, all meals, transportation to/from the national park from Puerto Natales (Chile), and the option of striking out on your own or with a guide.

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