Hide & Seek with Loisaba’s Elusive Black Leopard

Brummell Magazine (UK) offers a story on close encounters of the leopard kind while staying at Elewana Loisaba Lodo Springs in Kenya’s remote and picturesque Loisaba Conservancy.

Quotable quote: “We’re at the southern tip of northern Kenya’s Loisaba Conservancy: ground zero for the world’s hottest feline. Earlier this year, deep in the moonlit night, a nearby motion-activated camera filmed a lithe muscular hunter, its diamond eyes glowering from a dark skull – the first photographic proof of a wild black leopard. Cue a social media bush fire. Within days the images reached an estimated 1.3 billion people.”

Read the rest of the story by Ian Belcher here.

Melanism (black fur) occurs in about 11% of leopards globally