Read All About It: The Cat’s Whiskers

April 23, 2020 - Less than a minute read

Brummel Magazine (UK) offers an article about playing hide and seek with the elusive black leopard in Kenya’s remote and picturesque Loisaba Conservancy.

Quotable quote: “If my guide and I are being stalked the chances are it’s by no ordinary carnivore. We’re at Kenya’s Loisaba Conservancy: ground zero for the world’s hottest feline. Earlier this year, deep in the moonlit night, a motion-activated camera filmed a lithe muscular hunter, its diamond eyes glowering from a dark skull — the first photographic proof of a wild black leopard. Cue a social media bush fire. Within days the images reached an estimated 1.3 billion people.”

Catch the rest of Ian Belcher’s riveting black leopard tale here.


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