Have You Considered Belize?

Published on October 5, 2021

Renowned for its beautiful beaches, turquoise sea, rainforest national parks and Mayan ruins — plus gorgeous warm and sunny weather throughout the winter — Belize is perfectly posed to make your travel bucket list. And that’s just the beginning. One of the…

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Read All About It! Read All About It! Las Torres Wins Global Vision Award

Published on March 22, 2021

Travel + Leisure magazine has honored Las Torres Reserve with a Global Vision Award as an experience that changes the way people think about tourism. Along with Gladiator Trek on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Planet Abled in India, Las Torres was…

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Guyana’s Great River Adventures

Published on February 23, 2021

The best way to truly experience a place is often by taking the road less travelled. So, while most travelers experience Guyana by land or air, think about exploring the country’s stunning natural beauty by boating on some of the hundreds of…

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Four Ways to Trek the Legendary “W” Trail

Published on December 26, 2020

“Breathtaking scenery from approach to finish,” says AllTrails.com, the planet’s foremost hiking website. “Great accommodations as well. Overall one of the world’s great (hikes).” “Home to some of the world’s most dramatic and pristine mountain landscapes,” writes Green Global. “A delight to…

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The Ultimate Two-Week Trip to Guyana

Published on November 25, 2020

What’s the ultimate Guyana adventure? How about 14 days of exploration that ranges from the Atlantic coast and mountains to the Amazon rainforest and savannas including jungle treks, river journeys, an adrenalin pumping 4×4 safari, spectacular Kaieteur Falls, staying at a working…

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Adventure Activities for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Published on October 22, 2020

Guyana is blessed with a dramatic topography and majestic untouched forests, mountains, miles of rivers, waterfalls and beaches. With so much natural treasure close at hand, a tryst with adventure is inevitable. Here’s a sample of the adventure activities perfect for those…

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Monteverde — Costa Rica’s Epic Cloud Forest

Published on October 1, 2020

Terranova Costa Rica offers several different ways to discover Central America’s legendary cloud forest. Due to its high altitude — 4,662 feet (1,440 meters) above sea level — Monteverde receives a steady stream of clouds and the life-giving moisture they contain. Often…

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Costa Rica’s New Breathtaking Hotels

Published on August 3, 2020

From boutiques balanced on volcanic ridges to eco lodges lying in the virgin rainforest, hotel developments in Costa Rica in recent years offer a mixture of unbelievable comfort, breathtaking views, and raw nature. Terranova invites you to discover the new breathtaking hotels…

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Planning a Family Adventure to Guyana

Published on July 28, 2020

Thinking about taking the whole family on a wildlife and nature adventure in South America? Guyana promises to be even more astounding for children than for their wide-eyed parents. The country’s scents, sights and sounds make for an unforgettable adventure and one…

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Read All About It! Gordon Ramsay Voyages Deep into the Guyana Rainforest

Published on July 2, 2020

National Geographic sent Gordon Ramsay to Georgetown and the Amazon Basin of Guyana, where he found a wealth of opportunities to create a personal spin on traditional Guyanese cuisine for his new Nat Geo television series. Quotable quote: “Georgetown, Guyana’s capital city,…

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Five Unique Guyana Experiences You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Published on June 18, 2020

A visit to Guyana is packed with adventure, nature and culture, all in equal and astounding measures. While the dense rainforest cover is always compared to that of the Amazon, and wildlife stalwarts are pegged against those of Africa’s grasslands, there are…

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Experience Guyana from Your Sofa

Published on May 25, 2020

In the midst of a global pandemic, international travel has become all but impossible leaving many with an intense case of wanderlust. That travel itch is longing to be scratched as avid travelers are pent up at home dreaming of their next…

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Read All About It: Lonely Planet’s Guide to Guyana

Published on November 15, 2018

Lonely Planet, the esteemed guide book publishers, offer there picks for the best things to see and do in Guyana in a handy online guide. Quotable quote: “Few places on the planet offer raw adventure as authentic as densely forested Guyana ….

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Read All About It: Arsenal and Rwanda’s Baby Gorillas

Published on August 7, 2018

The New Times newspaper in Kigali reports that as part of the deal that made Visit Rwanda the official tourism partner of Arsenal football, the prestigious London soccer club will send one of its players to the next Kwita Izina (Baby Gorilla…

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Top 5 Things to See and Do in Guyana

Published on August 4, 2018

Referred to as the “Land of Many Rivers,” Guyana boasts more than 600 miles of navigable waterways to explore, along with rapids, waterfalls, Atlantic beaches, and vast tropical jungle and savannahs brimming with a spectacular array of birds and iconic wildlife. Kaieteur…

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Read All About It: Ngorongoro is No. 1

Published on August 2, 2018

The Citizen newspaper in Dar es Salaam reports that Ngorongoro Conservation Area has passed the Serengeti as Tanzania’s No. 1 tourism destination. Quotable quote: “The rugged terrain in Arusha region, famous for the picturesque craters and the archaeological sites, accounts for over…

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GLP Films and SeaTrek Showcase Raja Ampat Cruises

Published on July 25, 2018

SeaTrek Sailing Adventures has teamed up with GLP Films — an award-winning content marketing agency specializing in travel trade storytelling — to produce a collection of short films and social videos on the remote Raja Ampat archipelago in Indonesia. Often described as…

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