Jenna Farber

With parents who own a travel agency and adventure travel business, Jenna was born with the travel bug in her genes. She was very young when she started exploring the world through family adventures. After a gap year spent abroad in Australia and New Zealand, she completed a degree in International Studies.

During university, Jenna realized she was passionate about travel and tourism.  She started attending adventure travel conferences and similar events to fill her thirst for knowledge. She participated in immersive cultural exchange programs in the Dominican Republic and Ecuador, and worked for her aunt, a tourism development consultant. Jenna also undertook an internship in Mexico, working in indigenous tourism development.

As part of the team at Emerging Destinations, Jenna welcomes the chance to connect other people with the transformational travel experiences that have so influenced her own life. Her experience, expertise and passion for experiential and adventure travel make her a great addition to the team!