Terranova Costa Rica

With more than 20 years of experience in the market, Terranova Costa Rica boasts the knowledge, partnerships and perfect team to design, organize and execute the best rainforest, mountain, river and beach encounters in Costa Rica.

These unique boutique experiences and bespoke adventures are designed by Terranova’s veteran guides and travel managers, people with a deep passion for the nature, history and culture of this fascinating Central American nation.

Knowing that the secret to top-notch travel is always in the details, members of the Terranova team continuously inspect and test all of the travel and hospitality products offered by the company.

Be it fabulous hotels, thrilling outdoor adventures or relaxing spas — everything gets tried before Terranova will recommend it. Only when a room, restaurant or activity is thoroughly inspected and approved does it become part of the Terranova portfolio.

In order to gain first-hand information on new travel products and services around Costa Rica, Terranova cultivates close personal relationships with its various suppliers.

The company also delivers very personalized service to its clients before, during and even after their trip. Terranova’s goal is creating a Costa Rica vacation experience that people will want to repeat again and again — and recommend to their friends, family or colleagues. The sort of holiday that brings a smile to your face forever.

From scuba diving, surfing and wildlife safaris and whitewater rafting to honeymoons, family holidays and luxury beach resorts, Terranova is dedicated to helping people discover the most fascinating sides of Costa Rica.