We’re SALES PROS: Given our combined 55 years in travel sales and business development, we have closed millions of dollars in new business for our clients.  It’s all about blending insider industry knowledge, the latest consumer market trends, face-to-face sales calls, trade show networking, and making sure everything always gets followed up efficiently when the meetings, shows and fam trips are over. We make things happen.

We’re EDUCATORS + TRAINERS: We love exploring new destinations and travel options, and we fully understand that educating the trade is vital to the success of any travel enterprise.  Whether one-on-one meetings, trade association presentations or online webinars, we teach the travel trade about destinations and our clients.

We’re an IDEAS FACTORY: Whether it’s creating a new cruise route or safari experience, devising unique ways to market a travel destination or product, or figuring out how to fill more cabins, suites or luxury tents, Emerging Destinations can offer a wide range of solutions to whatever client needs might be.


We provide regular communication with agents and tour operators throughout North America to assist with sales calls. Our services include meet and greets with agents/operators and establishing new contacts.


We offer a variety of marketing services including comprehensive audits of existing marketing materials as well as the creation and/or distribution of materials. Our marketing database includes key agents, operators and media members.

Public Relations

We provide powerful public relations services via our alliance with Montgomery Communications in New York City. We can arrange interviews and dispense information to radio, television, print and online outlets as required.


We create and manage advertising materials and campaigns. We also provide media recommendations and optimize existing campaigns for a stronger reach.


We provide regular detailed reporting on trends and data in the travel industry, including analysis of the current year, as well as forecasts for the year ahead.


We offer expert hands-on support including website development or improvement; top quality writing for brochures, catalogues, annual reports and other printed materials; database development and maintenance.


We carefully craft new solutions for clients with hands-on consulting that examines ways to expand business and retain existing customer loyalty; create new adventures, experiences, products or itineraries; keep pace with ever-changing economic, social and environmental trends; improve the impact of current marketing, branding and image efforts.