Travel Pioneers

Founded and co-owned by Katrin Kirchhoff and Catalina Herrera,
Travel Pioneers offers a fresh, curated approach to exploring Latin American destinations like Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua or Panama, Belize and Costa Rica.

The Costa Rica-based travel company revolves around a philosophy that travel shapes our lives and that every trip should be an inspiration. That mind set — combined with the incredible passion and energy of everyone who works there — creates journeys that feature seamless coordination and execution in all aspects of planning, booking, and traveling through their Latin American destinations.

Given that every trip is handcrafted, Travel Pioneers presents almost endless possibilities. Trips can range from Mayan ruins in Guatemala, diving the world’s second longest barrier reef in Belize and Costa Rica’s breathtaking beaches and wildlife, to the Colombian Amazon, Nicaragua’s lakes and volcanoes, and Panama’s tropical islands and indigenous peoples.

With cultural nuances as the secret ingredient, Travel Pioneers just doesn’t plan vacations — it creates memories that last a lifetime.