Adventure Canada’s 2020 Incentives and Promotions

January 23, 2020 - 1 minute read

Learn about the ways in which you can maximize your time as well as your client’s experience by learning about the incentive programs of Adventure Canada! Booking two or more expeditions in the same season with our 2020 Multi-Trip promotion will expand your clients’ experiences by allowing more time to be truly immersed in the history and culture of the amazing destinations that are explored. Bringing the grandkids along has never been easier with Adventure Canada’s “30 Under 30” promotion, where travelers under the age of 30 automatically receive a discount of 30%, with travelers 2 and under traveling for free, and travelers between 3-4 years old only paying for charter air. Both of these incentives, combination recommendations and more will be discussed during a chat with Patrick Collins of Adventure Canada!