Catch the 2020 Solar Eclipse

May 28, 2020 - 1 minute read

Did you know that during the 21st century, there will be 224 solar eclipses but only 68 will be total? But…what is a Total Solar Eclipse?

Well, a Total Solar Eclipse occurs when the New Moon comes between the Sun and Earth and casts the darkest part of its shadow, the umbra, on Earth. A full solar eclipse, known as totality, is almost as dark as night.

This year, on December 14th, Patagonia goes dark and Cruce Andino invites you to be part of this once in a lifetime phenomenon.

During this webinar session, our special guest, Patricia Perez, takes us on an unforgettable journey along the Andes mountains. She has been working in tourism for 19 years and before joining Cruce Andino’s company, the most challenging and beautiful job she has ever had, she was part of the Chile Tourism Board, where she worked on special strategies to promote the country all over the world.