Custom Family EcoQuest Programs with EcoTraining

May 7, 2020 - 1 minute read

EcoTraining offers customized courses for agents and tour operators to assist them with the planning of educational safari itineraries catered for small group departures, alumni travel, private celebrity travel, summer schools, and university study abroad programs.

All customized itineraries have a strong ecological learning component and are designed to provide participants with the knowledge about the infinite variety of living organisms that exist in nature and the underlying elements that support this variety of life such as geology, soils and climate to mention a few.

Customized courses emphasizes two components – learning about the fascinating elements of nature and how each are carefully interconnected to one another in a specific region and secondly, experiencing aspects of typical safari guide training. Customized courses are intelligently tailored to factor in the objectives of the client to ensure all deliverables are met and exceeded.