Fit Trips 101

July 19, 2018 - 1 minute read

Do your clients ever ask you, “Do you think that I am fit enough for this trip”? Let Fit For Trips step in right there.

Fit For Trips training programs are optimized for whatever your trip itinerary might be. These customized, cutting-edge travel fitness programs are based on medical history (i.e. injuries, surgeries, etc.), activity profile (i.e. current and past exercise experience), available training days and existing equipment, as well as your personal circumstances and lifestyle.

Over the past nine years the Atlanta-based company has developed more than a thousand crafted fitness programs that have transformed travelers in over 30 countries including Uganda, Chile, Britain, Italy, Iceland and Ecuador. The programs have helped people prepare for a wide range of active outdoor activities from trekking, skiing and backpacking, to bicycling, hiking and even urban walking.

Let Marcus explain how it works, how you can receive commission and how Fit For Trips enhances the guest experience.



FFT Webinar from Five Tool Creative on Vimeo.