Get to Know Iceland & Greenland

June 8, 2020 - 2 minutes read

Iceland, The land of Fire and Ice, is one of the most fascinating places on planet Earth. The awe-inspiring landscapes, the pristine forces of nature, the infinite and always-surprising combinations of fire, water, earth and air are everywhere to be found. There are just not many places on our planet where you can admire black sand beaches, erupting volcanoes, lumbering glaciers and thunderous waterfalls while at the same time swimming in hot springs, betting on when geysers will erupt, and hiking across barren rocky deserts.

Greenland – The Land of Contrasts. Immerse yourself completely in this unique world. The world’s largest island is strikingly beautiful, a land of massive ice formations, deep-blue fjords and lush pastures. Greenland is also blessed with unique flora and fauna, the midnight sun and northern lights, and the distinctive Inuit culture. Let yourself get carried away by the openness and warmth of the Greenlanders, who trace their ancestors to the island’s ancient Inuit inhabitants and intrepid Scandinavians who first arrived on the island more than a thousand years ago. A visit to one of the island’s small towns is like a trip back in time to a place where life runs at a much different pace. The short Artic summer is intense. Flowers, herbs and mosses explode into a sea of color in Greenland’s coastal valleys and mountains, taking advantage of the warmth and giving new character to the scenery for a couple of weeks.

We are proud to show our guests these vibrant destinations in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Join us to learn more about Iceland and Greenland and how we explore both countries aboard the Ocean Diamond.