Travel in Iceland this winter: Luxury style

November 18, 2021 - 1 minute read

Luxury and Iceland aren’t two words you hear together very often so we thought it would be great if Johanna from Iceland ProTravel would showcase it! Watch this webinar to learn more about the upscale accommodations, luxury vehicles, and private experiences that IPT can offer your clients. And don’t forget about all the activities that can only be done in winter! Such as a visit to the spectacular blue ice-caves, going on a Northern Lights hunt, or heli-skiing for those seeking extreme adventure!

There are a lot of great options for those who just want a simple city break, too. Spend an afternoon sipping hot chocolate and reading a book in a cafe in Reyjavik, enjoy some of the cities famous fine dining, catch a classical concert at the Harpa House, or relax at a world famous spa. Let us show you just how luxurious Iceland can be: winter style!