Unexplored Costa Rica with Travel Pioneers Webinar for Travel Agents

October 26, 2021 - 1 minute read

In this webinar, you will learn about how Travel Pioneers and its custom-tailored and hands-on approach, can support you in landing more high-end bespoke bookings and have more happy travelers. Travel Pioneers will also share its ethos and commitment to discovering off the beaten path destinations, even in the most known of destinations, what’s new and noteworthy, and it’s in the field support, giving peace of mind and confidence to know that your clients are in the very best hands in Costa Rica & Central America.

About the speakers:
Katrin Kirchhoff, co-owner. Although born in Germany, she spent the majority of her childhood in Asia and later lived in Costa Rica. Because of her early exposure to unique cultures, she developed a passion for exploration, which has led her to custom-plan travel experiences for exclusive clients for over 10 years.

Catalina Herrera, co-owner. She grew up in the outskirts of San José, where her family owns a coffee estate she often visits during weekend getaways. The aroma of coffee and the natural beauty that surrounded her childhood home ignited her passion for her country and eventually led her to tourism.