University and School Group Travel with EcoTraining

June 13, 2019 - 1 minute read

Welcome to a special, academic study abroad opportunity with EcoTraining. Join Corne Schalkwyk, sales and product manager for EcoTraining, for this informative webinar on why your next program should include EcoTraining.

Unlike any summer programs available elsewhere (we really mean this), the EcoTraining nature course formats opens the door to true wilderness learning in a very practical way. With years of experience as one of the most accredited and oldest nature and field guide training companies, we access more than 120, 000 hectares of true wilderness in Southern and East Africa.

This webinar provides a framework for discussion between universities, schools and tour operators and EcoTraining. It will explain how and why students studying certain degrees choose to attend EcoTraining courses for specific outcomes and or why your next summer school program should include EcoTraining.