From Taos Pueblo and the Chaco cliff dwellings to the circular state capitol, open-air Santa Fe Opera and futuristic Spaceport America, New Mexico is one of the stars of American architecture.

And now along comes another incredible structure — Teepee Lodge at Canyon Madness Ranch. A seemingly impossible feat of architecture, there’s nothing else quite like it anywhere in the American Southwest.

Designed by renowned Mexican architect Alejandro Uribe — celebrated for crafting luxurious resorts in Cabo San Lucas — the lodge features two large A-frames with metal-alloy decks that are cantilevered over a cliff 800 feet up the side of a canyon.

The twin roofs shelter 18,000 square feet of space surrounding a Great Room suitable for relaxation and entertainment. The lodge features just eight guest suites, each with a king-size bed, full bathroom and a comfortable living space with a queen-size sofa bed.

Teepee Lodge also boasts a restaurant, bar and large outdoor jacuzzi intentionally placed at the edge of the canyon to take full advantage of the legendary views.

The kudos are already rolling in. “Taking luxe off the beaten path,” declared one global travel magazine. “One of the most anticipated hotel and resort openings in 2021,” crooned another. “Nearly architecturally impossible,” said a third.