Colombia has nominated eight municipalities to be considered for the World Travel Organization’s “Best Towns for Rural Tourism 2023.”

The honor recognizes rural destinations around the globe that have developed responsible tourism, generated local employment and promoted community values.

The nominated towns include:

  • Tibasosa with its vibrant streets, gastronomy and rural landscapes;
  • Filandia for its picturesque architecture and coffee culture;
  • Jericó, a pilgrimage destination and cradle of Colombia’s only homegrown saint;
  • Guadalupe and its “Las Gachas” natural pools;
  • Zapatoca with its historic atmosphere and German influence;
  • Iza offers natural hot springs and hiking;
  • Villavieja, located in the Tatacoa Desert on the Guajira Peninsula and home to the Panches and Quimbaya indigenous people;
  • Providencia, a paradisiacal destination that reflects the authenticity of the local population.

Colombian Journeys can arrange an itinerary that covers part or even all of these fascinating off-the-grid destinations.

For more details on the WTO nominations, click here