Since 2006, Bogota-based Colombian Journeys has offered inbound travel solutions for FIT and group travelers, as well as destination management services throughout the large South American country for groups, incentives and cruise ships.

The staff is passionate about sharing Colombia’s contagious joy and ability to forge new beginnings with all travelers. Their expertise lies in designing unique travel experiences which connect visitors to a country and people that never fail to surprise.

Their expertise extends from Bogota and other big cities to the tropical Caribbean coast, wild Pacific shoreline, vast Amazon region and snowcapped Andes. In addition to classic itineraries that cover all the highlights, Colombian Journeys can also arrange specialty trips that revolve around archeology, nature, colonial towns, trekking, working ranch vacations or holidays at some of the planet’s most stunning beaches.

Colombian Journeys prides itself in a total commitment to travelers that includes 24/7 free assistance, full-time multilingual staff (English, Italian, French and Spanish) and onsite support and service. Clients are also given a 24-hour emergency number, linked to a mobile phone supervised by a member of the management team in the event of urgent questions.

The dream of showcasing Colombia’s natural and cultural riches has empowered the company to cultivate lasting relationships with travel partners and local communities throughout the nation. Leveraging that network enables Colombian Journeys to adapt each trip to a traveler’s specific needs and strengthen an unwavering commitment to generate positive impacts for Colombia and all her visitors.