Conquering Kilimanjaro with Cheli & Peacock

August 23, 2019 - 2 minutes read

Let Cheli & Peacock guide you to the summit of the highest mountain on the African continent on the nine-day Mount Kilimanjaro Conquest, a private-itinerary climbing safari that promises a gradual and breathtakingly beautiful climb to the Roof of Africa.

Offered year-round, this route has been carefully chosen to avoid the crowds trying to climb 19,341-foot “Kili” — which is also the world’s highest free-standing mountain — with highly experienced guides utilizing the latest technology for communication, safety and support.

Not suitable for children under nine years of age, this is a strenuous safari and requires physical fitness, achievable through Cheli & Peacock’s fitness preparation guide.


  • Avoid the crowds and ascend through afro-montane forest to the edge of the remnants of the Shira volcano
  • Circumnavigate Kibo, the main peak, passing spectacular giant steps and glacial valleys
  • The leisurely route allows for gradual acclimatization
  • Professional, experienced mountain guides with first-class safety objectives including the latest technology, training, tools, communication and support


Days 1 and 8

Rivertrees Country Inn, Arusha

Arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport in northern Tanzania and transfer to Rivertrees Country Inn in Arusha for the night

Rivertrees Country Inn looks out toward Mt. Kilimanjaro and is perfectly situated for exploring the mountain. Once a coffee farm, the lodge retains the nostalgic air of a well-loved homestead. Rustic cottages are scattered in grounds picturesque along a river and in thickets of tall trees.

Days 2-7

Mount Kilimanjaro via the Machame Route

This seven-day treks starts at Machame Gate, ascending through afro-montane forest into a heath zone along the edge of the remnants of the Shira volcano.

The route circumnavigates Kibo, the main peak, passing spectacular features such as giant steps and glacial valleys. The final ascent is from Barafu camp — a steep night-time hike to Uhuru Peak via Stella Point. The descent is via the Mweka Route.

Day 9


Sadly, the end of your Kilimanjaro Safari. However, Cheli & Peacock can easily extend your sojourn to East Africa’s soft white beaches and historic coastal towns, or another safari destination before you depart for home.

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