On May 26th, 2020 the Supreme Court of Costa Rica legalized Gay Marriage, making Costa Rica the first country in Central America recognizing same-sex marriages.

We are reminded that Costa Rica is ideal for destination weddings! Lush jungles, dazzling beaches, rainforest, and majestic mountains as your backdrop.

Terranova can help with wedding planning services. Aside from our already in place relationships with transport and hoteliers, we are working closely with our trusted wedding planners, photographers, caterers, and other vendors.

People often ask if getting married in Costa Rica will be recognized in USA? We can help with formalities. For the wedding to be legal in the United States, Americans getting married in Costa Rica will need to have their marriage certificate translated, notarized, and submitted to the proper authorities – the presiding lawyer will handle those details.

Getting married in Costa Rica is not a complicated process – and we are happy to help make dreams come true!