Incredibly, thousands of people have learned about how to protect the environment at Las Torres Reserve through different projects. Children, teens and adults have transformed into environmental ambassadors, some of them without even realizing it.

This environmental focus goes back to the beginning of Estancia Cerro Paine (or Cerro Paine Ranch) when its owners decided to transition the land from cattle ranching to sustainable tourism and later conservation. That’s how Las Torres Reserve was born.

In 2004, the reserve created AMA, a nonprofit organization charged with conservation, research, and environmental education. The group organizes many activities including a volunteer program that brings about 300 people per season to Torres del Paine.

Among AMA’s other happenings are visits by local, national and foreign educational establishments; hundreds of students learning about and participating in reforestation; talks, courses and interventions at community fairs; working with the media, trainees, thesis students and park rangers, any collaborating or communicating with anyone else who wants to learn how to take care of the environment and appreciate its intrinsic value.

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