Discover “the City of Eternal Spring” in a different, sustainable and fun way by booking an e-bike tour through Colombian Journeys. Regardless of your physical condition or age, explore on top of an electric bike some of the most important attractions of Medellin. There are two unique experiences depending to your interests.

Cultural and Historic Route

Ride an e-bike along a circuit that includes the Plaza de Botero, the Remembrance Museum, Parque de las Luces, San Antonio Park, Junin Street, Bolivar Park, Avenida de la Playa, Parques del Río, the Creative District and Ciudad del Río.

During this journey you’ll learn interesting details about the city´s history and culture — as well as secret places known only to residents. For refreshments there’s coffee tasting at a roasting factory and delicious tropical juice. Duration: approx. 4 hours.

Route of Local Flavors

Awaken all your senses by tasting local gastronomy while riding an e-bike through beautiful neighborhoods like Laureles, Conquistadores, Belén, and Ciudad del Río. Plus an unmissable visit to the Museum of Modern Art. End the ride by toasting with the most popular beer of Colombia. Duration: approx. 4 hours.

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